Enjoy Additional Privacy in Your Backyard

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If you want to protect your property and enjoy your backyard, a new privacy fence is a must-have. FD Landscaping, LLC in Hamden, CT can tackle your fence installation. If you already have a fence that's a little worse for wear, we also offer fence repair services and replacement services. We can fix your old gate, replace rotted panels on your fence and more.

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Wondering what kind of fence you should install?

The first choice you'll have to make when you want to build a fence is deciding what kind to build. You could build a:

  • Wooden fence - the perfect choice for privacy fences
  • Vinyl fence - an affordable and resilient type of fence
  • Chain-link fence - a great option for securing your property line

Whether you want a privacy fence or a fence to outline your property line, we can build it for you. You can also trust us to install your new gate. Contact us now for fence installation or fence repair services.